tmwGenoa, Blasquez: “On the right track to win B, but there is still a long way to go”

CEO of Genoa Andres Blasquez spoke on the sidelines of the opening of the Casa della Salute Village in Piazza de Ferraris, focusing on the moment of the rossoblù team: “The team started strong, recovered from a small crisis, the team plays very well with a new module that represents the personality and strength of the team . I think we are growing and our goal is to win the championship and get into Serie A, but there is still a long way to go and nothing has been done, but we have a chance to do it.

Now you are waiting for a difficult away match with the leaders of Ternana

“On an emotional level, we approached this match very well, almost all the players are available. Don’t worry about those who are absent, because everyone is new here, and the team is strong, there are no problems, and we will go there to win.”

How important is it to have such a large, experienced and high-quality squad?

“The championship is long and you need more regularity, you need at least two points per race, and in this sense we are next in line. To win, we have to do even more, and for this we must bring all the players on the field, change them in every game, in order to always remain competitive. That’s why we’ve made an important investment in building this team.”

In the Coppa Italia, we saw a packed North despite the daily schedule. How satisfied are you with this?

“We are happy for every fan who comes to the stadium, my son always goes to the north, and does not stay with us in the stands, and through him I feel the atmosphere and feelings of the fans. I am very pleased with all this warmth.”

Genoa Women took their first victory in the last race. How is this project progressing?

“We want to keep investing in the women’s sector as well, we are strengthening the executive sector because it’s a different world than men’s and we need people who can help us succeed here as well. I’ve been to every home race except the last one and maybe I shouldn’t go anymore (laughs Ed). I spoke to the captain after the match to thank her for the victory.”

You want to invest in Genoa. Are there any answers from the municipality and the region?

“Both the region and the municipality see that it is important to have a successful team and they are very present on our side, we have constant negotiations and we make every decision together so that it is beneficial for the city as well. Genoa is part of the city and it is important to have its support.”

Cosenza victory turning point?

“I don’t know if I can say that, but for me it’s a victory of character. A very important team win.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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