Mudrik’s agent Alexei Alekhin: Mikhail does not read the Internet, he is completely focused on football

Mudrik’s agent Alexei Alekhin: Mikhail does not read the Internet, he is completely focused on football

In the summer, the midfielder of the Ukrainian national team had official offers from clubs from the top European championships

The agent of the midfielder of the Ukrainian national team and Donetsk Shakhtar Mikhail Mudrik – Oleksiy Alekhin – commented on the latest rumors around the football player, and also shared his opinion on the further development of the situation with a possible transfer of the player.

— Aleksey, for half a year there has been some kind of information boom around your ward Mikhail Mudrik. And every day it gets stronger and stronger. There are huge sums – Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal… Can you clarify?

– I have been Mudrik’s agent for many years – every day we are in touch with him. I also often communicate with Shakhtar CEO Sergey Palkin. Yes, indeed, many clubs are showing interest in Mikhail – but at the moment there is no specifics.

As far as I know, Shakhtar is not officially conducting any negotiations. And all these sky-high figures that appear on the Internet are someone’s wild fantasy or just an assumption.

Mikhail is a great professional, he does not read the Internet, so as not to be distracted by all sorts of nonsense. He is completely focused on football. If it was possible to train 24 hours a day, he would train 24 hours a day.

And yet, there is no smoke without fire?

— Yes, without a doubt. But that was during the summer transfer window. Many clubs showed interest in the player. Mudrik was offered a big personal contract, and the club received several official offers, which Shakhtar rejected.

What clubs did you offer?

– For my part, it would be incorrect to name the amounts, clubs. It’s all in the past.

– Tell me at least, are these clubs from the top championships?

– Yes.

How did the player react to this? Top championship, big salary…?

How did the player react? Can’t you see for yourself how he reacted with his performances in the Champions League and Ukrainian Championship?

Misha has a contract with Shakhtar, he works hard in training and gives his all in games. I think he made a big contribution to the successful performance of the team both in the championship and in the Champions League.

– Did the miner offer a new contract?

– There were no official offers from Shakhtar, Misha has a long-term contract with the club.

– A new transfer window is just around the corner. Is it possible that we will see Mudrik in the T-shirt of one of the European giants already in winter?

Misha is a young and very ambitious guy. It can be seen with the naked eye that he has long outgrown the championship of Ukraine and is ready to perform at a more serious level. He needs to progress.

Of course, he dreams of moving to a big club. With his performance in the Champions League, he proved that he is ready to play at the highest level. And I think now is the best time for that. I think everyone will benefit from this. And Shakhtar, and the Ukrainian team, and the player himself.

But I repeat, Mudrik has a long-term contract with Shakhtar, he is fully focused on the remaining league games. Whether Mudrik will leave or not, I am not ready to answer. Everything will depend on the leadership of the miner.

Source: Sportarena

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