“Gas business songs are an interesting feature of fans, I’ve never seen such things anywhere” – CEO of Fakel, Askhabadze

CEO”torches » Roman Askhabadze said in an interview with that the performance of songs from the gas sector by Voronezh fans makes them unique from fans of other teams.

The current season was the first for the Voronezh team in the country’s first division since 2001. In the first part of the WORLD RPL “Fakel” was one of the leaders in terms of attendance.

– Each team’s home game begins with chants from the Gaz Sector. Do you sing in the stadium?

– I can’t say that I sing, but when the whole stadium sings these songs, of course, it can only rejoice. It is our uniqueness. When a club stands out with its brand, when the fans stand out from others, it’s really cool,” Askhabadze said.

– Is Sektor Gaza a cool feature for fans?

– Certainly. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. There is a division into simple and active fans, their level of support is different. But when the whole stadium does the same thing… I don’t think there has ever been such a case in Russia.

– A little over a week ago, the club started selling subscriptions for the second part of the season. During the first week of sales, more than nine thousand five hundred subscriptions were renewed by fans. Did you expect such indicators?

– We really expected our fans not to leave the club without support. We hoped so and for the moment, the hopes, thank God, are justified. Of course, we are very satisfied with these indicators.

– Have you made a prediction regarding the introduction of the FAN ID?

– We have not made any forecasts, because when a new system is introduced, with which no one is really familiar yet, it is not possible to make analyzes and draw conclusions. We expected that, on the one hand, this would complicate the process of renewing subscriptions and definitely scare off some fans, but on the other hand, we hoped that fans would not leave the team. Still, the club haven’t been in the Premier League for 21 years, so everyone wants to cheer them on at the stadium. The Voronezh fan is different in this.

– Previously, the club sold very cheaply. Has the price changed?

– No. We have no right to change the price. If we have established a pricing policy at the start of the season according to the regulations, we do not modify it. It is declared to the RPL license service.

— Are there any plans to sell subscriptions to the active fan sector?

— There is no point in rushing, because now we sell subscriptions to other sectors, and not all of them have been sold. From now on this sector is allocated to active fans, a banner will be stretched there. As we move forward in this vein. Until the end of the season, we don’t plan to change anything.

Fakel is 13th in the WORLD RPL table with 13 points.

WORLD The Russian Premier League will resume on Friday March 3 with the match between Fakel and Khimki. Watch the live broadcast at 7:00 p.m. on and MATCH PREMIER channels, matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru sites.

Source : MatchTV

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