Vicenza, Modesto: “We must continue the journey, owner of Jimenez”

Words at the press conference of coach Vicenza, Francesco Modesto, on the eve of tomorrow’s match against Sangiuliano City. informs “There is always room for improvement, but the guys are aware of their strength and how to continue an important path. You have to play one game at a time with maximum concentration and the right amount of anger, they must understand that this is always some difficulties in the championship, and they need to be overcome during the match. Physical condition? Usually we start a little tight and make a few very simple passes are wrong, then as the minutes go by our physical abilities show up, I think of other games in which we made absurd numbers and that means the team is doing well with a good defensive phase that already starts from the attackers. We never didn’t hide ourselves, we know the characteristics of the boys, this week we said that we should start well from the moment the referee blows the whistle. problems with abundance? the boys give me the feeling that everyone can play, I know what pros I have and they are all super involved they know how many games we have from now on and the places they will have or for the future, I’m only sorry if I see someone having a good period and I will come You have to make another choice, but I know that when they get the upper hand, they will be able to change the situation, for example, I think about Giacomelli’s position: the players should have this mentality. Dalmonte. He’s fine, he’s back, I don’t know if he’ll start, he’s been out for a week, though he always worked. For us, he is a decisive player, if he does not come out, he will have time to take over, we know his potential. Risk of hurting yourself? You don’t see the danger, with Mantova in one case Pasini was very good, we should understand the episodes much better. When he was wrong, I will give the example of Ronaldo, there were those who then made amends. Typhoid strike and three wins in a row? In my heart I sympathize, as the players sympathize, because crooked support is very important, especially when the silence is even worse than when criticism and murmuring is heard even more. The players were even more motivated and took responsibility, I also think people appreciated the fact that the team applauded the fans at the end of the game. We are happy that tomorrow the applause will return. What form? These are numbers, I like to see how the team plays as a team, we become very strong in restarts, and in the last meters there are a lot more shots on goal. Finally, Ferrari began to kick more, he really liked to give assists, and now he understands that the penalty area is his home. Sangiuliano? He has quality, very fast players on the wing, a grumpy team that plays football and then, like all teams, he has moments where he plays well and others don’t. I think of us because we must continue this journey until the end. Owner? Jimenez”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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