England coach disapproves of venues on three continents for the 2030 World Cup

England coach disapproves of venues on three continents for the 2030 World Cup

Gareth Southgate, England coach, disapproved of the announcement of the host countries for the 2030 World Cup, which will have matches in Europe, Africa and South America

This week, the FIFA announced that the 2030 World Cup will be played in three host countries, as the next one is scheduled. The main duels took place in Portugal, Spain and Morocco. However, three first phase games will be played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. Gareth SouthgateEngland coach, didn’t like the idea.

“I’m not sure what they have in mind for this,” said the coach, jokingly, in a publication by ‘The Guardian’. According to Southgate, the logistics for this World Cup to be held do not make sense. Without knowing how a trio of host countries will react, FIFA intends to promote a competition that spans three of the five continents on planet Earth.

“You would have to play one match… I would need to see everything defined, but my understanding is that three matches will be played in South America, so these teams will have to travel around the world, change the time zone again and resume the competition with an advantage at home in one part of the group and not in another,” Southgate said.

Furthermore, with the possibility of six teams benefiting from hosting matches in the competition, the England coach spoke about the difference between playing on a neutral field or not. “There is a big difference between facing Argentina in Buenos Aires and playing against them in Casablanca,” said the commander.

Gareth Southgate greeting Declan Rice (Credit: Getty Images)

Southgate understands that many tests with competitions with multiple venues have been taking place, as was the case with the last Euro Cup. However, the coach does not find the idea interesting, even without knowing whether he will be in charge of England in 2030. “I would love to receive an invitation to go to Buenos Aires as a TV commentator, if that is the plan,” he joked.

Source: sportbuzz

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