Rostov coach Kafanov explained the reasons for the lack in the RPL of players capable of shooting free throws

Goalkeeper coach of Rostov and the Russian national team Vitaly Kafanov explained why there is now a shortage of players in the MIR Russian Premier League (RPL) who can take free kicks.

– They don’t train him. They just don’t train. In the same “Rubin”, after each training, the players stayed with us, put up a wall and hit this wall for 15-20 minutes. Someone stayed on the same path and took a penalty. For example, when we arrived at the club, there was no server on the wing and we didn’t know who would be serving. Denis Boyarintsev at that time did not know how to do this at all. I don’t know how much time he spent on the wing after training; after each training session he stayed and worked. He eventually became one of the best pitchers. When they took him to Spartak, he met all the standards. This is all being trained. All technical skill is about repetition.

Another question is that some people have to repeat the exercise a hundred times, and others a thousand times. I remember that Dominguez, when he arrived at Rubin, he was told where to serve, so he put the ball in the right place on the first try. It was exactly the same with Kalachev in Rostov. You tell him which point to serve, and Bukharov – which point to go to. And we scored goals,” Kafanov told RT.

On June 7, the Russian team defeated the Belarusian team with a score of 4:0 in a friendly match held in Minsk.

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Source : MatchTV

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