Yavorsky: In the match with Scotland, Ukraine was losing duels from the middle of the second half

Specialist on the match between Scotland and Ukraine in the League of Nations

Famous Ukrainian coach Igor Yavorsky commented on the away match of the national team of Ukraine in the League of Nations against the Scottish team (0:3), noting the not the best form and mood of Ukrainian football players.

– On June 1, our team beat the Scots in the playoff round of the World Cup with a score of 3:1. A little more than three months ago, this fight took place, and the starting lineup of our team has changed dramatically

– Here both injuries are to blame, and the physical form of some of our players. Of course, head coach Alexander Petrakov decided everything here. He sees the state of the players during the training process. As for the last match in Glasgow, our mentor, in my opinion, saw that some players are not yet ready to play at this level.

– If the first half of the last match ended in a draw 0:0, then in the second half we conceded three goals. Why did it happen?

— I think we lacked creativity in this meeting. We had almost no control of the ball. I think this is the main reason for the defeat. As long as our players had the strength, they fought, and after the break everything became much more difficult. Our defenders sat very low to their goal and often played for Trubin. Ahead of the ball our guys did not linger. Dovbik, who played in the attack line, is a dependent footballer. It is necessary that his partners shoot into the penalty area, deliver the ball to him in the third zone.

I would also like to note the fact that our coaching staff made unsuccessful substitutions. Sidorchuk, Tsygankov and Yaremchuk, who played in the second half, failed this game. All three of these players looked frankly weak.

And I would like to say something else. See with what intensity the Scots played and with what, our guys. The hosts often tried to play with one touch, and the Ukrainian players often needed to make two or three touches, but even then we were often covered by the Scottish team using pressure.

– Of course, this defeat is quite heavy. We didn’t do well on set pieces either, which is punishable in matches against British teams…

– We started to concede goals, losing duels from the middle of the second half. This speaks of the unimportant physical form of the players of our team. Although even before that, the marriage in the programs of our players went off scale. Remember how wrong Karavaev and Mikhailichenko were at our gates. Well, what about the standards at our gates? It’s just a disaster. I am sure that the Scots need to play personally, with corners and free kicks, at our gates. Each player must be responsible for his opponent. And with us, Malinovsky and Ignatenko played against the tall forward Dykes, respectively. But the Scot is taller and more powerful than our midfielders. One of the central defenders or a powerful Sidorchuk should have played with Dikes.

– Petrakov explained the replacement of Stepanenko during the break of the match by the fact that Taras already has a yellow card. You don’t see that kind of explanation and reaction from a coach very often…

– Yes, many players have a warning in their liability, but you don’t need to change it right away. This is football, you can tell the player and continue to play with the strongest team. I suppose there was no need to change Stepanenko. Taras was angry in the selection, often ahead of the opponent. And when Sidorchuk appeared on the field, he had only losses. Sergey almost always plays only backwards, without imposing counterplay. Sidorchuk often plays facing his own goal.

— Everyone expected more from Mikhail Mudrik. How do you like his game?

— In the first half, Mudryk tried to disperse the attacks of our team at speed. It was dangerous a couple of times, but in the second half Mikhail was nowhere to be seen. But he also depends on partners. He needs gears and space.

— The official website of UEFA published the statistics of the match in Glasgow. Shots on goal – 23:3, shots on target – 7:0. You rarely see this in matches against our national team. What do you think about this?

– In fairness, we say that in the first half we created several chances at the gates of the Scots, but we could not set difficult tasks for the goalkeeper of the hosts Gordon. And about these statistics, I want to say that you can’t play only at your own goal. You need to look for your chance in the attack. We remember the game in Glasgow in June and such a contrast. Our guys in the June match rolled in tackles, fought on every part of the football field. And yesterday in Glasgow we completely failed the second half.

– Was this meeting the worst for Alexander Petrakov as a coach of our national team?

– Of course. It is necessary to carefully analyze the past match and draw the appropriate conclusions.

– A lot of injured national team players – is this a big problem for our coaching staff?

– Undoubtedly. There are no two equivalent compositions in our country. The absence of Mikolenko, Zinchenko, Shaparenko also had an effect. Let’s not forget about it. When I look at Mikolenko’s game in Everton, my soul rejoices. Vitaly is a very strong player. We hope that he will help our team in the near future.

– At the post-match press conference, Alexander Petrakov said that he was letting Anatoly Trubin go to the youth team, which will play with the Slovakian national team. The price of these matches is high – access to the final part of the European Championship. Did the coach of the national team do everything right?

– There are no questions here. Trubin is very important for our youth team. Anatoly is already quite an experienced goalkeeper who has played a lot in the Champions League. Ruslan Rotan’s wards have excellent chances to prove themselves in the playoff round. We can only wish them good luck in the matches against Slovakia.

– Looking at the standings of group B1, we see that our team needs to defeat Armenia and Scotland in order to return to group A of the League of Nations. Is it real or not?

– Everything is real. First, our team will face a difficult game in Yerevan. Here you can not throw hats on the Armenian team. Yes, they do not really shine in our group, although they have motivation. The Armenian national team does not want to be relegated in a lower division. They have a correspondence fight with Ireland. Now all the teams know how to play. Well, then we have a game in Krakow with Scotland. That’s where everything will be decided, I hope. Here our fans will help us. There are a lot of Ukrainians living in Poland now.

We have to admit that in Glasgow we were completely outplayed. Now it’s our turn to surprise the Scots. At stake is the first place in the group and possible meetings with the elite teams in Europe. This is a great incentive.

Source: Sportarena

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