Kagarlitsky: “It’s good to work with the young people from Torpedo.” At the same time, I don’t feel like a veteran.

Before “Torpedo » Dmitri Kagarlitsky in an interview with , he said that he was happy to join the Nizhny Novgorod club, where he could play with talented young people.

Kagarlitsky, 34, played for Ak Bars last season, scoring 25 points (15+10) in 64 matches. The Kazan club was eliminated in the first round of the Gagarin Cup, losing to Avtomobilist (1–4). On Monday, the striker signed a one-year contract with Torpedo.

— How did you arrive at the Torpedo option?

— I received a fairly specific offer from Nizhny Novgorod. I heard interest. I spoke with Igor Larionov and Vadim Averkin. Some negotiations took place. They told me how they saw me in the team, how they wanted to use me.

– How do they see you?

— Initially, we said that for the role of one of the leaders. Most, first links. It is clear that this must be proven by work. In summer you can plan everything. It was not discussed which partners I would play with. It is clear that they will turn to different ones in search of “chemistry” and combinations. This is a normal process and there is no point in saying who will play with whom. I haven’t competed with any of the guys on this team yet. So it’s difficult to say at the moment. But I felt interested in the idea of ​​moving to Torpedo.

I would like to add my experience to the team. I am very happy to work with young people. Torpedo has been under construction for several years now. And I saw that the guys got stronger last season. They are making a lot of progress. I hope I can help them a little. There are a lot of good, talented guys there. I really enjoy working with them.

And we can also learn from it. Now these young people are gone! However, I don’t consider myself a veteran. I think everything should go well for us,” Kagarlitsky said in an interview with .

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Source : MatchTV

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