“The most important thing is that this streak continues” – Yagudin on the success of the Russian Grand Prix in figure skating

“The most important thing is that this streak continues” – Yagudin on the success of the Russian Grand Prix in figure skating

Olympic champion Alexei Yagudine spoke about the importance of organizing a series of Russian Grand Prix in figure skating.

– Here it’s not even that it succeeds or that it slows down, the most important thing is that it continues, that’s probably the main factor. Now, I am not starting from my vision of how it should be, but from the situation in which our athletes find themselves at the moment. The most important thing is that this series of Russian Grands Prix is ​​going on. Yes, of course, I read in the media about the occupation of stadiums and so on, but, for example, when I wanted to look on the Internet in which arena the second stage of Moscow would take place, I got information such as tickets were at least five thousand and go to eight and more. I approached Alexander Kogan, I said, “Listen, why?” It turns out that a certain site has been around for a long time – not from the federation. Tickets actually cost 700 rubles, in my opinion, the cheapest. But there are such speculators. Therefore, people probably think that our federation is breaking such price tags, and they don’t go there.

Regarding the fact that there was no one at the Sochi stage … We understand that the people of Sochi do not live from figure skating, but they still come to relax. Sochi is a separate issue, but in Kazan… You know, I even liked that such a small stadium for three or four thousand people was so atmospheric: everything is together, everything is close. But, again, the main thing is that these tournaments exist, and in addition, they are well supported by finances for the prizes. All the same, there is an incentive to keep working, earning and winning, plus competitive practice is also added.

It is clear that in the International Grand Prix, the leaders of all countries are divided into stages, and we have the leaders of one country. Here it is impossible to ensure that at each of the stages there will be a direct struggle for places: somewhere a more stubborn struggle, somewhere practically without a fight. It is clear that the fight will take place in Krasnoyarsk. The fight will take place in these tournaments where everyone will really come together. And here it is… Well, it’s already good that there are some, “Championship” quotes Yagudin.


Source : MatchTV

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