“The competition jury recognized that Bolshunov did not break the rules in the episode with Ustyugov” – coach of the Russian national team

Head coach of the Russian cross-country team Yuri Borodavko told that the jury of the Russian Ski Competitive Federation (FLGR) did not find any violation of the rules by Alexandra Bolshunova during the fight against Sergei Ustyugov in the classic sprint final at the Russian Cup stadium in Krasnogorsk.

The race was held on Sunday, Alexander Terentyev became the winner of the race. Bolshunov took second place, Ustyugov was fifth. After the finish, Ustyugov said Bolshunov acted “not humanely” by stepping on his skis. reported that the FLGR will settle the athletes’ compliance with the rules of distance wrestling – during the race Bolshunov occupied the Ustyugov ski slope in front of him three times.

– In general, this whole situation is pure emotions. Every athlete, going out on the track, fights for victory, and he does not agree to be behind someone. There are always direct contacts in a sprint, it’s a type of contact. Of course, Sergei is offended, because there really was contact, he lost his balance and lost his rhythm. But we have a competition jury, experts have studied everything, watched the video. They admitted that under the interpretation of the rules that exists today, Bolshunov did not violate the rules. The advancing athlete has the right to choose the trajectory of the distance, with the exception of the direct finish line. Sergei was determined to win, I understand that very well. But, I repeat, everything was in order, Bolshunov did not break anything, Borodavko told .

Source : MatchTV

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