Athletistic / Figure skating. Honored figure skating coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova spoke about the performance of the dancing couple Elizaveta Shanaeva / Pavel Drozd at the Russian Championship. For the free skate, they received 196.26 points.

“The girl doesn’t stand, she just walks. But the boy has been skating for a long time – sometimes he skates, sometimes not. I remember his mother brought him.

It’s very light, the elements and supports fit well, they did the twirls very well. But support does not create an aesthetic image. Inconsistency with music and movements. It’s very important for them to ride, but they don’t skate much. The boy is really glad he didn’t fall – well, thank God,” Tarasova said on Channel One.

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The Russian Figure Skating Championships take place in Chelyabinsk. Russian athletes do not participate in international competitions due to suspension.

Broadcasts of the 2023/2024 Russian Figure Skating Championship are available on Okko.