“The fact that you are a leader gives you an extra charge.” Biathlete Tulatin summed up the winning super sprint

The winner of the super sprint at the Pari stage of the Commonwealth Cup in Ryazan, a Belarusian biathlete Ivan Tulatine on , he said taking the lead over distance gave him strength.

The athlete showed a time of 19 minutes 20.6 seconds over a distance of 7.5 km with two misses.

– Of course, I was pleasantly surprised after the arrival of the qualification that I managed to take a high starting position for the final. In general, I felt that I felt good now. In principle, every year, probably on the New Year, more strength becomes due to departures.

– Did you see on the last target that Povarnitsyn smeared?

– No, he was focused on his goals, but he still missed. Shoot fast, take risks. I knew there were guys behind me who were even faster than me. I took risks, but even with a misfire at the final boundary, I managed to break away as a leader after leaving the penalty loop. And did not let the opponents.

– Do you feel that you are leaving the penalty loop and there are no opponents?

– Give it your all! But here, the fact that you are a leader gives you even more charge. As if there were more forces. Already on the penultimate ascent they said that someone had fallen behind, the distance had increased. A little, you can say, expired. But he did everything until the end. But at the turn, I saw that the stock was good. I was also glad that two of ours, Belarusians. There are [Авсеенко] lost a bit on the finish line, but in general the performance of the team today is worthy.

– Fantastic performance from the Belarusians. What did you do this week?

– They worked very hard and diligently! Tulatin said on .

Watch the live broadcast of the women’s super sprint final on at 2:25 p.m. Moscow time.

Source : MatchTV

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