Athletistic/ Others. On Wednesday, January 25, IOC representatives issued a statement regarding the prospects for the return of Russian athletes to the international stage. IOC officials stressed that sanctions could only be relaxed for athletes who do not support the CBO.

Olympic speed skating champion Svetlana Zhurova responded to the IOC’s initiative. The deputy of the State Duma pointed out that

“I don’t understand what it means to ‘actively support the NWO’? Any investigation will provoke a reaction from the fans. Suppose the athletes are told that you have not supported the NWO. But the Russians, who are patriots, will make him say in turn: “If the IOC allows it, then they are traitors.” They will attach such labels and begin to divide us.

It’s just what they’re leaning towards. There will be a split among Russian fans. They just won’t understand – why one athlete is allowed and the other is not. At one time, and with doping, our team was divided. The decision will again partly lead to discussions in the company. No need to go and humiliate yourself,” said Zhurova unequivocally, whose words are quoted by the “Championship”.

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