I am Robert Harris and I specialize in news media. My experience has been focused on sports journalism, particularly within the Rugby sector. I have written for various news websites in the past and currently work as an author for Athletistic, covering all things related to Rugby news.
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Selknam beats Brazil Cobras to add first Super Rugby Americas victory of the season

The national team manages to add a key victory by 30-20 after its loss against Yacare XV in its debut.Selknam traveled to Brazil and scored...

Discreet ambition: young people prioritize mental health over fulfillment at work

“Quiet ambition” is a term first used in April 2023 in a Fortune article. This does not mean that young people do not have...

Why do people prefer SUVs?

We spoke with the leaders of the brands present in the most popular segment and the reasons are varied.For five years now, the automobile market...

“Sole owner, never taxi”: know the most common lies in used car sales

Buying a used vehicle can be a nightmare if you don't take into account certain fairly common aspects and bad practices.In Chile, cases of scams...

Testing the first male contraceptive gel

Darío Díaz is participating in a study that, in an unprecedented way, is taking place in Chile to test the effectiveness of the first male...

Conflict in the Trump clan: Melania and Ivanka would have experienced a “cold war” during the presidency

The tycoon's wife and daughter, details a new book, would have competed for the role of "first lady".Melania and Ivanka Trump, a new book says,...

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