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NBA: Kevin Durant Supports Marijuana Use on Streaming Show

NBA star Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets punctuated his relationship with marijuana use in an interview with host David Letterman; check the wing...

Yanchuk called Medvedev’s main task at Roland Garros

Athletistic/Tennis. Sunday May 22, Roland Garros starts. This is the Grand Slam tournament, which takes place in Paris, the capital of France, on...

Santos tries to solve ‘dilemma’ after personal steering wheel problem

After another victory, Santos brought the situation to light through the press conference with coach Fabián Bustos, who explained the player's moment After another great victory,...

Became a known Russian rival at the start of “Roland Garros”

Athletistic / Tennis. The organizers of the "Roland Garros" proceeded to draw lots for the ladies' singles tournament. As a result, the tournament grid...

UFC: Khabib provokes Charles do Bronx and guarantees defeat for Makhachev

Idol in the UFC, Khabib provoked Charles from the Bronx and guaranteed that Islam Makhachev will not give the Brazilian any chance to regain his...

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