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NBA: LeBron James detonates rival franchise and confesses hatred


NBA star for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James didn’t mince words to detonate one of his biggest opponents; California team returns to the courts on Wednesday, 5

LeBron Jamesstar of NBA fur Los Angeles Lakers, opened the game and was candid about one of the greatest opponents of the Angelina franchise in the history of North American basketball. Shirt 6 openly declared his hatred for the Boston Celticsclassic rival of the Californian team: both teams tie for the most titles conquered, with a total of 17 trophies.

“I still hate Boston. OK? May it not be distorted. We all hate Boston here”nailed James during the ‘Media Day’ lakers. The star had already criticized the Massachusetts team in his talk show series “The Shop”, where he mainly highlighted the racism of the fans that is present at TD Garden.

“I hate playing in Boston and the reason is they are absurdly racist. They will say anything to get at you. But I don’t care, I’ve been dealing with this my whole life.”said LeBron. “So if I hear something, I go back to focusing on the game. But they’ll say whatever crap they want. Anyway, they even threw me a glass of beer after a game”.

The 37-year-old also shared his preparation for the new NBA season. The “Preseason”, with games that are not counted in the regular stage, represents a warm-up for the teams. Thus, the Lakers return to activities on Monday, the 3rd, in front of the Sacramento Kingsin a match played at home, at Crypo.com Arena.

Lakers and Celtics in the NBA (Credit: Getty Images)

I’m completely healthy. I changed many things in my diet this summer to improve my body. Today, then, is the first day of a marathon. To be here and to know that I’m about to break the NBA’s most coveted record, something that people said could possibly never be achieved, is impressive to me. Whenever my name is mentioned among the greats, as Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbarit’s super awesome.”

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