“With a new coach, CSKA has freed itself, and Shved and Milutinov have opened up in a new way.” Yelevich on the army team’s winning streak in the VTB League

Honored Coach of Russia Sergei Elevitch ties an unbeaten streak CSKA in the regular season of the VTB United League with the arrival of the head coach Emile Raikovitch .

This season, the Rouge-Bleu have 13 wins in 13 VTB League games. Macedonian Rajković took charge of the club on June 17.

– Why do CSKA look so confident? On the one hand, the team has grown very seriously, and on the other hand, with the arrival of a new coach, the players have freed themselves. Because before, under Itoudis, there were tight frames. And now we see how we’ve opened up in a new way Nikola Milutinov and Alexei Shved . The army team found the situation that allows them to play freely.

I was in the match with Parma – this match, of course, cannot be called indicative, because the Permians still have a weaker team, but all the same, the developments made by Raikovich are clearly visible here. First, CSKA defends very well, the second moment is the change from defense to attack, or interceptions when there is a fast break, or an attack earlier, when the first pass is thrown and that an attack is organized immediately. So, in my opinion, CSKA are now just at the level that allows them not to lose. Simply put, the army team is superior to many clubs. Well, the only exception here is Zenit and UNICS. Because they have roughly the same composition.

Can CSKA lose? Of course it is possible. There will still be fatigue. But, I repeat, I am now very satisfied with the Shved and Milutinov tandem. The Swede no longer has claws. Alexey has the opportunity both to relax and to fully show the qualities he has, – said Elevich “”.

In the next round of the VTB United League, CSKA will face UNICS on December 4 in Kazan.

Source : MatchTV

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