NBA: Luka Doncic opens up about season at Dallas Mavericks

NBA: Luka Doncic opens up about season at Dallas Mavericks

Young NBA star Luka Doncic was candid about his evolution in the Texas franchise; point guard plays his first career conference finals

the player of NBA Luka Doncic detailed his season by Dallas Mavericks throughout the playoffs. Currently, the Texas franchise faces the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, which is 3-0 in favor of Stephen Curry and co. To advance to the next stage of the qualifiers, you need a historic turn in the round.

“I’m still learning about all of this, first of all. Everything is a learning experience for me, by the way. I’m 23 and this is my first conference final so it’s a new experience.”said Doncic. “After the season is over, we will look back and see that we learned a lot of new things.”


The owner added: “Nobody put us as conference finalists before the season, so in and of itself this is a win. and I think Golden State has been playing incredibly well, as everyone knows their role and plays together. The last few games have been very difficult, for sure. And this is normal because we are facing a team that has been built for a long time.”.

Jason Kiddcoach of Dallasalso sees the team’s use with optimism. “This is just the beginning of the journey for this group. This campaign is a fantastic experience, as no one here has ever gotten this far.”highlighted. “Everyone should be on vacation here, in short. Facing players of this level, then, is a valuable lesson. This is not an end for us, but only the beginning.”

Luka Doncic in the NBA, right (Credit: Getty Images)


LeBron James and Doncic are big names in NBA and a Warriors ace compared the two players. Draymond Green was sincere when talking about the characteristics of the two players and highlighted that he sees similarities between the star of the Los Angeles Lakers and also from the Dallas Mavericks. According to him, there are few players like them in the league.

The Golden State Warriors player took the moment to appreciate what LeBron James and Luka Doncic deliver to their teammates and to the NBA. Draymond Green believes they can control the game alone and leave the game as often as they both care during matches. He reported that few players can do this.

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