NBA: Charles Barkley blasts Warriors fans

NBA: Charles Barkley blasts Warriors fans

NBA commentator Charles Barkley snarled supporters of the Golden State Warriors; San Francisco team eliminated the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs

Charles BarkleyAnalist of NBA in the TNT group, opened the game about the Golden State Warriors and their fans. The former player did not hide his support for the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals, which ended up being eliminated by the San Francisco team in Game 5, which took place last Thursday, 26.

“I don’t think the Mavs are the best team. I just can’t say it’s the warriors because I hate your fans”, nailed Barkley. The commentator, however, made it clear that his criticisms did not extend to members of the cast and coaching staff. “The crowd is horrible. I actually like your tech (Steve Kerr) and their players, but I hate the fans, who are insufferable and a pain in the ass.”


Statements were made throughout the series between teams. After the 4th match in the round, “Chuck” still didn’t let it go: “You know what’s bad about this rain? It’s not raining in San Francisco to clean up those dirty streets they have over there. It’s a nice city, but it has that dirt. You need to clean that off your streets.”. Barkley had sniped the Californian city after a heavy downpour in Dallas.

The former NBA player also stated that the criticisms are only woven into sportsmanship and that he will continue to exercise his role as a commentator. “While people react to what I say, I’m doing the work I need to do on television. You want people to respond to what you say. So I really don’t care if they’re cheering me on or booing me. As long as they react, I will be doing my job.”he pointed out.

Warriors vs Mavericks in the NBA (Credit: Getty Images)


On the night of this Thursday, the 26th, the Golden State Warriors received the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. after hitting Denver Nuggetsby 4 to 1, and Memphis Grizzlies4-2, the California franchise had one more chance to finish the series before the seven games and did not waste it.

Despite being dominated in Game 4, the Warriors managed to turn around and settle the dispute. Playing at home, the team led by Steve Kerr didn’t give their opponents a chance and kept the lead from the beginning to the end of the game. However, the team still had some scares during the game.

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