LeBron is the greatest scorer in NBA history: “I could never imagine anything better”

In the match against the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and is now the highest scoring NBA player in the history of the league in all its 76 years

LeBron James, star of Los Angeles Lakersbroke the points record of the NBA in the match against Oklahoma City Thunder in the early hours of Wednesday, 8. The number 6 of the California team scored 38 points and surpassed the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbarwhich raised the scoring record to a level never seen before, with 38,387 points noted throughout his victorious career.

LeBron managed to reach the incredible mark that seemed unreachable, with 151 less games than the basketball legend who revolutionized the way the sport was played in his day. Kareem was the all-time leading scorer in NBA history since April 5, 1984when it crossed Wilt Chamberlainwhich at the time held the record with 31,419 points.

“To be able to be with all these people, all these basketball stars… Please give Captain a standing ovation. [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar]. This is for my wife, my boys, my mom, everybody. I wouldn’t be me without you. To the NBA, to Adam Silver, thank you. I could never imagine anything better than this in a million years. Thank you guys!”said LeBron in the tribute shortly after reaching the mark, in the third period against OKC.

Just like Kareem, LeBron is the greatest scorer in basketball history wearing the Lakers jersey, considered by many to be the biggest franchise in the NBA next to the Boston Celticssince both have won 17 titles and dominated the American basketball league at different times in history, in addition to the various legends who wore both jerseys.

To get an idea, the active player that is closest to James in the number of points scored is Kevin Durantwith 26,684 and about 500 fewer games, making even clearer the dominance of ‘King James’ in the current generation of American basketball since its debut, in 2003, by Cleveland Cavaliers.

For many, LeBron is the best player in NBA history (Getty Images)

It is worth remembering that when comparing LeBron with Kareem, the retiree has a disadvantage in one aspect, since in his entire career, the legend scored only one three-point ball, while James has more than 2200 conversions in the same category. The style of playing basketball has changed a lot over the last few years and the line of three has become even more desired by teams.

Source: sportbuzz

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