LeBron breaks record, but Lakers lose to OKC; check out

LeBron James led the Lakers, reached the record for the highest scorer in NBA history, but the franchise was defeated by OKC; see the best moments

On a record night LeBron JamesO Los Angeles Lakers was defeated by Oklahoma City Thunderby 133 to 130, in the early hours of Wednesday, the 8th. Scorer of the match with 38 points, the number 6 shirt of the angelina franchise became the highest scorer in the history of the NBA, surpassing the legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

With the result, the Lakers reached their 29th loss of the season, remaining in 13th place in the Western Conference of the NBA. OKC is also not having a good time, occupying only one position above Los Angeles, with 25 wins and 28 losses.

It is worth remembering that LeBron already owned the record for the highest scorer in NBA history, adding up his points from regular seasons and playoffs. However, the league does not take postseason numbers into account as it does not guarantee equal opportunity. Thus, it only considers the “greatest scorer of all time” who scored the most points in regular seasons.

A basketball icon of the 1970s and 1980s, Kareem had been the all-time leading scorer in NBA history since April 5, 1984, when he surpassed Wilt Chamberlain, who at the time held the record with 31,419 points. The last points of the legendary Lakers player were recorded on April 23, 1989.

Like Kareem, LeBron is the greatest scorer in basketball history wearing the Lakers jersey, considered by many to be the biggest NBA franchise alongside the Boston Celtics, as both have won 17 titles and dominated the American basketball league at different times. of history, in addition to the various legends who wore both jerseys.

LeBron set an all-time NBA record (Credit: GettyImages)

The Los Angeles Lakers are back on the court next Friday, the 10th, at midnight (Brasília time), against the Milwaukee Bucks, again at home. The Oklahoma City Thunder faces the Portland Trail Blazers next Saturday, the 11th, at midnight.

The game

With all the eyes of the fans present at Crypto Arena, LeBron James missed the first shot, but saw teammate Anthony Davis seize an offensive rebound and convert a layup. OKC started to dominate the four after amending three balls of three in a row. The period was balanced, and the Thunder won by 36 to 34.

The visiting team began to open up an advantage in the last half of the second period. The team scored 40 to 32 in time and closed the fourth winning by ten points of difference: 76 to 66. In the first half of the match, the teams registered 19 changes in the lead of the scoreboard, being the biggest advantage built by the Oklahoma City Thunder: 15 points.

On the way back from the break, the Lakers saw OKC open the lead even more with just over five minutes left in the third quarter. But the Lakers had the inspired LeBron James. The home team began to shorten the lead as the ‘King’ approached Kareem’s record. LeBron broke the expected record on the night and commanded the Lakers’ victory in the period, by 33 to 28: 104 to 99 on the scoreboard for OKC.

The Lakers showed resiliency in the final quarter, but LeBron scored just two points after the record-breaking, and OKC regained a nine-point lead. In the last minute, the home team even reduced the distance to six points, but nothing was done to avoid defeat: 133 to 130.

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