Tatum broke the NBA All-Star Game record

The player from Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Team led his team to victory and passed an event record.

The group of Giannis Antetokounmpo lose to all stars Game of national basketball Society in the group led by LeBron James 184-175 thanks to a Jason Tatum wonderfully named MVP and with 55 points he broke the scoring record in an all-star game.

The old brand had it Anthony Davis with 52 points in 2017, but Tatum set a new high thanks to an impressive 10 of 18 3-point range and a brutal third period in which he made 27, also surpassing the previous record for scoring in a quarter in a all stars. Upon receiving the Kobe Bryant Award for him MVP of all starsthe player said it meant “too much” so he reached the points record but he kept all the brands “they are there to excel” and he assured that within a few years someone would rob him of that honor.

The build-up to the All-Star Game and Tatum’s stellar performance

After jumping between two of the ‘shorts’ Morant and irvingthe first quarter -after the early withdrawal of Antetokounmpo– cheated on the local hero Markkanenadding 7 points in just four minutes. lebron and Tatum They met for an incredible dunk contest after passing himself against the board during Doncicwith a microphone and headset while playing, joked on the broadcast that he forgot he had to play while chatting with commentators.

In the usual lack of defense that characterizes the all starsThe first quarter ended in a draw (46-46) with the Tatum leading to Team Giannis with 13 points and irving giving a response to Team LeBron with 11 goals. Still, even though stats don’t matter on a night like this, the two teams combined for a remarkable and dismal 6 of 28 three-pointers in the first twelve minutes.

The highlight of the second stage is Mitchellwho in front of his old public in Utah signed 14 points for Team Giannis will take that quarter (46-53, 92-99 in the first half). Then, at halftime, the nba paid special tribute to the top three scorers in history: LeBron James -which broke the record a few weeks ago-, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone. Upon restart, the Team Giannis he sharpened his aim and unleashed heavy artillery from the triple. Tatum he came from 7 shots from three, Mitchell added 4 and Lillardwinner of the three-point contest, hitting one from midfield for 4 total.

With such an arsenal (an amazing 15 out of 24 triples in just twelve minutes), the team of Giannis they score comfortably in the third period (49-59) and step on the accelerator towards the final victory (after accumulating 141-158, the first to reach 182 will sign the victory). With the scoreboard so far away, it’s only a few hours before the Team Antetokounmpo will judge the all stars and that final blow came with a triple of Lillardalthough the third quarter leaves out the anecdote of seeing Tatum measures itself against a juicy and spicy opposite brownhis inseparable companion boston celtics.

Source: Tycsports

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