Wenyem Gabriel, from the destruction of a refugee camp to the lights of the NBA and playing with LeBron James

His name means ‘dry your tears’ in Dinko, he lived in a UN refugee camp in Cairo and will soon represent his country in the 2023 FIBA ​​​​​​World Cup.

wenyem gabriel play next door LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakerssomething unexpected when he took refuge South Sudan due to the civil war that ravaged the young country (despite its recognized independence in 2011, it is still considered a conflicted territory). The 25-year-old player from the Los Angeles franchise is about to fulfill another dream, playing fiba world cup with your country.

Gabriel was born Yartoum, Sudan, on March 26, 1997. A few months after he died, he and his family went to a UN refugee camp in Cairo, Egypt. There they waited for 3 years to be with their father who still hasn’t left South Sudan due to the lack of money for the whole family’s trip. His mother, Rebecca, while awaiting the final family reunion, took care of all the necessary paperwork to enter the UN refugee program and end up living USA. Wenyem means ´dry your tears´ in Dinka, and named in honor of his sister who died in childbirth due to medical negligence.

they lived in Manchester in New Hampshire; She and her brother and even her mother, who graduated as a nursing assistant, studied there.

wenyam gabriel

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After a few years at University of Kentucky Went to nba, but was not drafted in 2018; so he had to find an alternative way to Summer League with the Sacramento Kingsand there he became part of the franchise in G-League. He also played Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Pelicans, Brooklyn Nets and LA Clippersinterspersing participation in G-League and NBA.

In los angeles lakers he found a little more stability than in previous franchises and became more of a role player.

Wenyem lived in your country South Sudanjust a few months of his life, but the situation in which his country finds itself is painful and he wants the world to know the situation and to be aware of the damage caused by the civil war and to receive the necessary help: “To see what our country is going through now, the war really isn’t over. They started a new tribal war and there is still conflict. The opportunity that gave to me I want it to be for the people back home as well. To start that, we need to fix that conflict. It’s easy to think about going home when there’s so much wrong. I want to be a part of that. I want to go back one day and help my nation.”

He was able to return to South Sudan in August 2022 with the help of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. visited the Mangala Camp for internally displaced persons, in the State of Central Equatoria.

wenyam gabriel

Photo: www.ocregister.com

The power forward of 2.06 and 92 kilos is about to fulfill the dream of playing for FIBA World Cup 2023 Japan, Philippines and Indonesia with your country. The ‘Shining stars‘ from South Sudan have nine wins and one loss in a qualifying group in which they share Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal, Tunisia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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