Embiid and Harden are injured, and 76ers open the game

Embiid and Harden are injured and worry the 76ers for the sequence of the NBA season; Doc Rivers tried to minimize the injuries

Joel Embiid It is James Harden are major concerns for the sixers at NBA. O Philadelphia 76ers did not count on its main point guard during the victory against Chicago Bulls on the night of last Wednesday, the 22nd, and still saw his candidate for MVP of the season leave with pain in the calf. After winning 116 to 91, doc rivers opened the game in relation to the clinical situation of its main athletes.

During the press conference, he recalled that the 76ers suffered a lot from injuries in the last playoffs, so there is little care in this final stretch of the regular season. The team has learned from the mistakes of the past and will now focus on whatever is necessary to have the entire squad available for the most important part of the year.

We made the playoffs two years in a row with injuries, and we all know you don’t win the playoffs when your key players aren’t healthy. So let’s do what we can to be healthy“, said the trainer.

Additionally, he was specific about James Harden’s injury. The 76ers player left with an Achilles tendon injury in the last round of the NBA, but Rivers assured that it is nothing: “No worries. He’s just been in pain a couple of times and we’ve decided, instead of doing the back-and-forth switching, let’s just sit him down, let him rest and make sure he’s okay.“.

Embiid did not have a great performance and was injured in the last round of the NBA (Credit: GettyImages)

Embiid, who left with a calf injury, spoke to the press after the NBA victory and assured that everything is fine with him. It is worth noting that the player left the court before the game was over, but that the attitude was taken as a precautionary measure: “We’ve already made the playoffs, what matters is making sure we’re healthy for him. If it’s good, of course I want to play it, but if it’s not right, then let’s figure it out.“.

Already classified for the playoffs, the 76ers coach returned to talk about preserving his main players and warned that he will not commit madness. To get everyone in shape for the final part of the NBA, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his star players in tip-top shape: “Especially going into the playoffs, you just want guys to be right. There’s no reason to risk it“.

Source: sportbuzz

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