Pippen charges against Jordan again: “He’s a terrible player”

The former basketball player revealed who his Chicago Bulls partner is.

the former player scottie pippe referred to Michael Jordanwhere he knows how to take part in a team Chicago Bulls in the 90’s and kept his partner “He’s a terrible player“. In addition, he compared him to LeBron James.

“I had seen Michael Jordan play before I came to the Bulls. He’s a terrible player, a terrible player to watch. It’s all 1v1, all bad shots. Suddenlywe became a team and we started winning, and everyone forgot who I was“, he declared in an interview with Die-Hard Chicago Bulls Fans.

I don’t know who is better, it’s a team game“Added the former Bullos forward. The truth is that this is not the first time he has expressed himself against Jordan, despite sharing a club and prefers to praise LeBron.

scottie pippen michael jordan

total, Jordan and Pippen shared ten seasons with the famous Chicago Bulls team that entered the great history of the NBA. During those years, both players seemed to have a great relationship. However, years later it was confirmed that it did not actually exist.

In Scottie’s book called “No Defense”, he violently attacked his duo, surprising all the fans who did not expect that fact. And it was the former forward’s perception that he came to portray him as the man who ruined basketball.

Source: Tycsports

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