NBA star Jokic’s agent says he signed him to a contract after being exposed to a newspaper without seeing him play live

Agent Nikola Jokic Misko Raznatovic says he didn’t see the current NBA star basketball player’s game when he signed a contract with him.

Jokic was 17 at the time and playing in the Serbian U18 league. As the agent admitted, he was drawn to a diary excerpt about Jokic’s performance per game.

– I called my scout to ask about Jokic, and in response, silence. He didn’t know him. It was the surprise of the year as he knows all the young players. He called back and said he was a very versatile guy, a bit overweight, but talented.

He is the first and the last player in the agency’s 27-year history, whom we have signed like this – without seeing him live, – Yahoo Sports quotes Raznatovic.

Jokic is in the NBA Finals this season against Miami as part of Denver. The Serb scored a triple-double in the first match, and a double-double in the second. The series score is tied – 1-1.

Source : MatchTV

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