After Heat beat Nuggets, Jokic makes revelation about loss in NBA

Jokic scored 41 points, made history against the Heat last Sunday night, 4, but it was not enough to guarantee the Nuggets victory

Jokic made history against heat last Sunday night, the 4th, but it was not enough to guarantee the victory of the Nuggets. That’s because, even with their 41 points, Miami surpassed itself and managed to tie the series at 1 to 1 and beat the opponents by 111 to 108. In this way, Nikola left the court frustrated and pointed to the main mistake of the team during the game 2.

According to the star, the Nuggets did not avoid the pace shown by the Heat throughout the final stage of the confrontation and ended up defeated. Miami’s more aggressive and open way of playing left Denver in a delicate situation that ended with a stumble that was not expected by Jokic and, much less, by Michael Malone. Still on the court, Nikola vented about the negative result.

They just put us through their paces and we didn’t want to play that way. They wanted it, obviously. But maybe playing a little faster will help us“, stated

Malone left pissed off at the Nuggets!

michael malone left angry with the game that the Nuggets did against the heat in the decision of NBA. The second match between the teams took place last Sunday night, the 4th, and who came out with the victory was Miami, who got a score of 111 to 108, away from home, and brought even more confidence to the squad commanded by Spoelstra. However, for the Denver side, the team’s coach was extremely disappointed with their defense.

Butler and Jokic scramble for the ball during Game 2 between Nuggets and Heat in the NBA (Credit: GettyImages)

Let’s talk about effort. Tonight, the starting lineup to start the game was 10-2 Miami. Early in the third quarter, they scored 11 points in (just over two minutes). We had guys out there who were just feeling sorry for themselves for not making pitches or thinking they could just turn it on or off. This is not the preseason, this is not the regular season. This is the NBA Finals. This, to me, is very, very disconcerting, disappointing.“, he explained.

Source: sportbuzz

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