“Doctors said 60-70% of these cases end badly. Now I feel much better” – basketball player Shved

Basketball player CSKA Alexei Shved On , he told how his recovery was going after the attack.

On May 1, several people attacked Shved near one of the restaurants in Moscow, the athlete was injured in the head with fractures of the bones of the skull and a contusion of the brain.

Now I feel much better than before, the recovery is going well. But the situation itself is terrible, it should not happen that in the center of Moscow incomprehensible guys behave like this. I don’t know what was in their head. It’s good that it’s happening like that now. It could have been much worse. Doctors told me that 60-70% of cases end badly. Many die or remain disabled. When I was lying on the pavement they were jumping and laughing,” Shved said on .

Earlier, Shved said he suffered several broken bones and also noted that “the left ear is still not hearing well”.

Source : MatchTV

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