Basketball player Shcherbenev: “We are developing cooperation so that when international competitions open, we will fully approach them”

Defender of the Russian national basketball team Alexander Chcherbenev told that the national team basketball players are working meticulously on the interaction of the game to be ready for international tournaments when the Russian team is allowed to participate.

The national team under head coach Zoran Lukic holds a training camp at the Novogorsk training center. On June 9 and 11, the Russian team will play friendly matches with the Belarus team in Moscow. Watch live broadcasts of the matches on the Match! Country”: June 9 from 5:55 p.m. (Moscow time), June 11 – from 2:55 p.m.

– For me, this is the third national team training camp. So, I already understand the requirements and the system of head coach Zoran Lukic. We are already working on certain combinations and interactions and, in general, on team chemistry. Everything is therefore very positive. After the season in the United League, we have already managed to take a breather, relax, and now we are preparing for the games with Belarus.

— What are the characteristics of working under the direction of Lukic?

– He is a very demanding coach on absolutely all the nuances and subtleties of basketball. It is clear that it is very important for him that we understand him correctly and that he conveys his idea to us, and we have already conveyed it to the basketball court. For me, it’s already somewhere easier, because it’s not the first time I’ve worked with him. Well, in general, of course, now we are developing cooperation so that when international competitions open, we are fully prepared for them.

– You will have two friendly matches with the national team of Belarus. What can we say about the adversary?

– Probably, we can say that roughly, by the backbone, this is the Minsk team. Approximately I imagine an opponent. However, this is my first time playing with him. If I understand correctly, they also have a young racing team. To be honest, I haven’t seen Belarusian national team matches either live or on TV. Because they are also limited now… In general, it will be interesting to watch and play them. I am very happy that there is an opportunity to organize friendly matches,” Shcherbenev told a correspondent.

Source : MatchTV

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