Basketball player Shcherbenev: ‘We have to come back to the international scene as a serious team and claim high places’

Lokomotiv-Kuban and national team defender Russia basketball Alexander Chcherbenev told that national team friendlies are needed to return to the international stage and claim high places.

On Friday, the Russian national team, as part of the summer training camp, held a match in Moscow against the national team of Belarus. The meeting ended in victory for the guests with a score of 83:80.

– We are under load, after the season everyone rested at different times. But there are no excuses, today the fans came, they had to win. Defeats teach more victories, we will progress.

Are you tired after the season?

– Maybe, but nobody cares if you go out on the floor.

– Is it possible that the players are already on vacation?

– Everyone takes the camp seriously, if you relax, you can, for example, injure yourself. After the gathering, we will all rest with peace of mind.

What are the games so far?

– To gain moments of play, to federate a team. We must return to the international scene as a serious team and claim high places. It’s good that the RFB organizes both training camps and matches for us to become better,” Shcherbenev told .

The teams will play another test match on June 11, the match will be broadcast live on Match! Country”, the show starts at 2:55 p.m. (Moscow time).

Source : MatchTV

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