“I don’t know this coach well. But since they take it, there is probably something in it ”- Elevich on Raikovich’s appointment to CSKA

Honored Coach of Russia Sergei Elevitch told that although he is not familiar with the possibilities of the new head coach of CSKA Emile Raikovitch but if the choice of the leadership of the army team fell on this specialist, then the prospect is visible in him.

On Friday, CSKA announced the appointment of Macedonian Emil Rajkovic, 43, as head coach. Previously, he led the Saratovs “Avtodor” and “Astana”.

– I must say that he is a fairly young specialist. Can CSKA achieve a good result under his leadership? In the United League championship they are already very strong, CSKA has a lot of good Russian players. So I don’t think there will be any problems. Now, in principle, we should be more involved in the development of our basketball players than inviting someone. We still won’t invite the good guys. The problem is that they won’t play in the Euroleague in the new season. However, CSKA is one of the founders of the tournament, so I don’t really understand all this… As for the new coach of the team, to be honest, I don’t know him well. But since they’re taking it, there’s probably something in that carriage. Let’s see how it will work in CSKA, – said Elevich “”.

Source : MatchTV

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