It went viral for a crossover with Curry and now it’s one of the gems of the 2022 NBA Draft

All indications are that he will be the second choice in the NBA Draft behind Jabari Smith. He was considered a new unicorn and compared to Kevin Garnett, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant.

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Chet Holmgren He is one of the great prospects of 2022 NBA Draft side edition Jabari Smith na paolo banchero. Holmgren touched the NBA’s imagination with his impressive performance on University of Gonzaga as a freshman during the 2021-22 season.

According to the journalist cody taylorng The Rookie WireHolmgren wants to avoid being the Draft’s first choice (something that has been resolved ever since Jabari Smith running ahead) because his desire is to be part of Oklahoma City Thunderwith a second option, and not with Orlando Magicwho is the first to choose.

Holmgren, 20, was born in Minneapolis and part of the Gonzaga team. It has an interior of 2.13 meters and his regular -stage averages are 14.2 points, 9.6 rebounds, 3.6 blocks and 1.8 assists in 26.9 minutes, and his percentages: 61% from the field, 73% in doubles, 41% in triples and 75% in Free.

Penny Hardaway, former Orlando Magic star and current coach at the University of Memphishe was intimate and said of him: I saw Kevin Garnett. He handles the ball, he can shoot, he has the ability to make great passes and I always liked his game. Is a good player. Every part of your game I love. He just won. He’s able to compete, he can achieve excellence, he’s tough. I was amazed”.

His weak point is, so far, his physical weakness; is less than 90 kilograms. One of his great qualities presented in NCAA this is his defensive facet; but It’s a question at the NBA level if his body mass isn’t growing to match that power, even with his versatility, speed and rim protection he handled it well. Specialists are hesitant to box him in some difficult tests because his skills are so vast. He has great shots from three, very good ball handling to dribble, create and assist, great speed.

Chet Holmgren vs. Stephen Curry, the video went viral

At SC30 summer camp (Stephen Curry training camp), in 2019, chef He showed up after a hard day of training for the boys and shared court minutes with them. Holmgren did not hesitate to pair Curry in the duel and blocked an NBA layup attempt on his first appearance in the game. The teenager was the victim, immediately afterwards, of a triple with a step-back with a house seal. But for the third time Holmgren copied an action from Curry himself to stop him and dunk in hammering the basket.

He did this when he was in high school and there were few college offers for his future. But he was very clear on what he wanted: to learn. “People think it’s important to get 45 points in a high school game, but it’s not. Learning to play basketball, that’s what’s important even if it seems obvious. I learned the basics. It’s just a project, but people are willing to invest their time with me. They made the house a pile of bricks. I’m not even a bunch of bricks, I’m just using those bricks. ” Chet Holmgren said in an interview with Bleacher Report

Chet Holmgren Curry

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