Athletistic / Basketball Well-known commentator Vladimir Gomelsky spoke about Macedonian specialist Emil Rajkovic’s prospects as head coach of CSKA.

“For the Macedonian it’s a challenge. He’s never worked at a club that aims to win every game. Now, on the one hand, he has selection problems and, on the other hand, , his own psychology. “He’s a coach of the middle generation, he accepted, signed a contract. And now, we understand what result we expect from him and what means he has to achieve it. And I don’t envy it,” RT Gomelsky quotes in Russian.

Recall that after the final of the VTB United League, during which CSKA lost in series against Zenit (3-4), the head coach of the army team, Dimitris Itoudis, resigned. In his place was invited Emil Raikovich, who previously led the Saratov “Avtodor”. The contract with the specialist is for two years.