“Success at the Games of the CIS countries will be the foundation for future victories” – general manager of the women’s basketball team 3 × 3

“Success at the Games of the CIS countries will be the foundation for future victories” – general manager of the women’s basketball team 3 × 3

The general director of the Russian women’s basketball 3×3 team, Igor Kocharyan, in a conversation with , said that the success of the Russians at the CIS Games will become the basis for the future victories of the team.

In the finals of the 3 × 3 Games of the CIS countries basketball tournament, the Russian team beat the team from Belarus. Yana Elberg, Anastasia Olairi Kosu, Anastasia Shchekoldina and Maria Yatsemirskaya won gold medals.

— I think past competitions have been very good experience for the team. Because the girls on the team were very young. In the current situation, where there are no international tenures, any international experience is very useful from all points of view: sporting, emotional… We had basketball players under 20 years old. There is an age limit in the tournament. Last season, we brought them together for training camp, introduced them, and taught them how to play 3×3 basketball. And it’s great that this year was an opportunity to gather athletes, train and conduct high-quality training, the crown of which was this tournament.

In general, girls in the conditions of the struggle were able to test their skills. However, we have an interesting symbiosis in the team: two people who play 3×3 and two 5×5 basketball. In combat conditions, they have now been tested. We won in a tense final, the team received a positive charge. I believe this successful performance will become the basis for future victories.

— Is there any hope that our 3×3 basketball will be represented at the Olympic Games next year?

– It is difficult to comment on how these odds exist. We do our job, organize training camps, including the preparation of young people, so that when there is an opportunity to return to the international stage, we are already ready for it. And how it will turn out, time will tell.

– The young players of this team would not get lost at the Olympics?

– It’s hard to say. Because the path is quite short: there are few competitions. In order to still qualify to play in the Olympic team, the preparation should be longer, and the immersion in the specifics of the 3×3 game should be deeper. But the fact that these basketball players have a chance to make the Olympic team in the future is certain. They are talented, with a great desire to play. But to look worthy, you still have to work a lot,” Kocharyan told a correspondent.

Source : MatchTV

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