Another award for Campazzo at Real Madrid: he won the Super Cup MVP

The man from Córdoba got the award for the most important player of the tournament which Real Madrid won against Unicaja Málaga.

A new trophy for real Madrid. The tenth in the Endesa Super Cup; their sixth consecutive showcase. And one of the most heard phrases in the basketball environment (both in Argentina and Spain) is “it’s like he never left.” It refers, obviously, to the actions of Facundo Campazzo in the tournament that opens the season of the European country. The Cordoba player finished with two brilliant games, against Barcelona and Unicaja Málaga and was elected MVP of the contest.

In the first duel, against the classic rival, he was the absolute leader. Beyond not being the leading scorer (Musa finished with 24 points), the perimeter player completed his scoresheet with 17 points, with 1/3 in triples and 7/9 in doubles. He dished out 5 assists and made 3 steals in just 28 minutes on the court, totaling 21 PIRs. In the grand sense their numbers are very similar. Beyond not starting at its best, it became less so; having the highest peak at the hottest moment of conflict.

He finished the tournament as Real Madrid’s top scorer. Their numbers are for another showcase. 19 points, with 5/6 on doubles and 1/3 from the perimeter. He also went 6/7 from the line of scrimmages. He had 3 rebounds, dished out 5 assists and added a steal; again, for 28 minutes. The negative point was the five losses, some of them looking for a pass in the painted area to leave a teammate behind.

Another MVP for Campazzo

Finally, with the support of all his teammates, the MVP was celebrated for the man from Córdoba. The cry of “Facu, Facu” came from every corner of the stadium. The man from Córdoba led Murcia to its first playoffs in the history of the institution during his time with the team and the fans have not forgotten him.

This is the third consecutive recognition for Campazzo; which will not be present in the 2021 and 2022 editions. He won the Super Cup in five editions with the white team (same as Gabriel Deck). In this way, he equaled the 3 MVPs of the tournament that Llull and Navarro had, the highest reference of this award.

Photo: Media Center ACB

© by Tele Red Imagen SA 2022

Source: Tycsports

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