Athletistic/Basketball. MBA head coach Vasily Karasev reacted to the failure of the American team at the 2023 World Basketball Championship. The Stars and Stripes took only fourth place at the world championship.

“I have long said that the NBA and the Euroleague are two different types of basketball. This is clearly visible in the context of the match between the American and Canadian national teams. These two teams at the 2023 World Cup consisted of the NBA basketball players. But the Canadians were more adapted to European basketball. In the NBA, after all, basketball is more open, where there are much fewer tactical formations. Basketball in NBA is physically strong.

You can run, defend one-on-one, and if all goes well, win. But when a top team is defending against you, then five people are defending at the same time. As far as I know, the Americans simply could not readjust,” Karasev was quoted as saying by the Championship.

The German team won the 2023 World Cup for the first time in its history. The silver medal went to the Serbian team and the bronze medal to Canada.

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