German star makes fun of world champion’s discussion: “It’s funny”

A highlight of Germany’s Basketball World Cup champion last month, Andreas Obst mocked the discussion of NBA athletes calling themselves world champions

After great controversy over the declaration of Noah Lyles and the world basketball title, one of Germany’s highlights in the sport’s World Cup, Andreas Obst commented on the matter. The interview took place on the “Eurohoops” channel, where he valued winning the competition and assured that he didn’t want to know what Americans call themselves.

They say they are world champions because the best players play there, but they continue to be champions of a domestic league, while we won a World Cup. They always had this attitude in the NBA, that they are the best, and you can characterize them in many ways. It’s funny that this is still talked about. They can call themselves whatever they want, but in the end, it doesn’t change. We are the world champions“, said the player.

The discussion about the nomenclature of each championship began after the American, Noah Lyles, criticized NBA athletes who position themselves as world champions after winning the competition. It is also worth remembering that the sprinter made this statement at a press conference shortly after winning the 100m race at the World Championships.

I got to watch the NBA Finals and see them calling themselves “Champions of the World.” World champions of what? From United States? Don’t get me wrong, I love the US sometimes, but we are not the world. Here (at the Athletics World Cup) we are the world. Here all countries are represented, fighting to win. In the NBA there are no flags. We must do more. We must represent the world“, said Lyles at the time, generating irony from several NBA players.

Obst in action against the United States (Credits: Getty Images)

After that, the United States team ended up not confirming its favoritism in the Basketball World Cup and only came in fourth place, after losing to Germany itself in the semi, and to Canada, in the third place decision. In the final, Serbia was defeated by the Germans 83 to 77.

Source: sportbuzz

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