Timberwolves beat Dallas Mavericks for the second time

Timberwolves beat Dallas Mavericks for the second time

In a game this Saturday afternoon, 7th, Minnesota Timberwolves won and won their second victory in the NBA preseason

A NBA is officially back! For lovers of the orange ball sport, some teams in the North American league have already started playing again, in a kind of pre-season, to warm up their engines before the 82 games that are really worth the long-awaited ring. Thus, the Minnesota Timberwolves entered the court against Dallas Mavericks by 104 to 96.

Now with its main star, Anthony Edwardsthe Timberwolves managed to overcome the squad of Luka Doncic and company. The first quarter was decisive for the Wolves’ victory. Ending at 29-20, the advantage meant that the other three halves didn’t matter as much for the final result of the friendly.

Thus, the second quarter ended 24-23 for Minnesota, the third also had the advantage for the Wolves at 28-27 and the last ended 26-23 for Dallas. The highlight of the game was Karl-Anthony Towns, who scored 14 points for the winning team. Already Luka Doncic tried to help the Mavericks with 18 points scored.

Source: sportbuzz

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