San Antonio Spurs unveil new CT with billion-dollar value

San Antonio Spurs unveil new CT with billion-dollar value

The San Antonio Spurs will have a new NBA training complex, which will feature shops, a leisure area and a “pet friendly” zone; check out images

“Rock at La Cantera” will be the new campus of San Antonio Spurs at NBA. The complex is valued at R$2.5 billion and will host, in addition to team training, the franchise’s entire medical, performance and administrative structure. The construction, which lasted five years, was made possible with the support of investors and the Texan city council.

It is estimated that more than US$511 million was spent on the 180,000 square meter project. The “Rock at La Cantera” will be home to the “Victory Capital Performance Center”, the training center where the San Antonio Spurs do their pre-season. Two official basketball courts, hot tub rooms, gym, auditorium and even a cafeteria are some of the complex’s facilities.

In addition, leisure areas, restaurants, shops, a big screen to show the games and the now largest dog park in the city (with more than 30 thousand square meters) will be enjoyed by the local population. It is worth noting that the operation will be maintained with more than 1700 employees. Check out images from “Rock at La Cantera”!

Court (Credits: Reproduction/Spurs)
Court (Credits: Reproduction/Spurs)
Auditorium (Credits: Reproduction/Spurs)
Academy (Credits: Reproduction/Spurs)

Source: sportbuzz

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