Friday action in the NBA

The NBA closes out the week with eleven games on the card, with the Nuggets opening day and the Celtics in attendance. Spurs, Clippers and Warriors, among others.

The NBA is preparing to close the week with a night full of games: eleven games to enjoy this Friday. Teams are starting to repeat performances and champion Denver is looking to continue on the path of success. The Spurs will want to give Victor Wembanyama his first victory in the top competition, the Celtics and Heat will repeat the Eastern Conference finals and the Warriors will want their first celebration of the season.

NBA games this Friday: who’s playing and where to watch live

  • Memphis Grizzlies vs. Denver Nuggets | Time: 8pm | League Pass
  • Charlotte Hornets vs. Detroit Pistons | Time 8pm | League Pass
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder | Time 8:30 pm | League Pass
  • Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat | Time 8:30 pm | League Pass
  • Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks | Time: 8:30 pm | League Pass
  • San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets | Time: 9pm | League Pass
  • Chicago Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors | Time: 9pm | League Pass
  • Dallas Mavericks vs. Brooklyn Nets | Time 9:30 pm | League Pass
  • Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Clippers | Time 10:30 pm | League Pass
  • Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors | Time: 11pm | League Pass
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs. Orlando Magic | Time: 11pm | League Pass

NBA 2023/24, LIVE: where to watch on TV and ONLINE


  • Channel 103 Streams
  • DirecTV Channels 621 (SD) and 1621 (HD)
  • Channels 105 (SD) and 1011 (HD) of Telecenro


  • Channel 102 Streams
  • DirecTV Channels 622 (SD) and 1622 (HD)
  • Channels 104 (SD) and 1009 (HD) of Telecenro


  • Flow Channels 104
  • DirecTV Channels 623 (SD) and 1623 (HD)
  • Channels on Telecenro 1012 (HD)


In turn, it can be seen live in Argentina on Star+, the streaming service offered by ESPN.. There are two easy ways to contract it: first, for 1,749 pesos per month, and the other option is to buy it annually for $14,692.

NBA League Pass

  • League Pass: It costs US$99.99 annually or US$14.99 per month and you can access all NBA 2023-24 regular season and playoff games.
  • League Pass Premium: It costs US$149.99 annually or US$22.99 per month and you can access all NBA 2023-24 regular season and playoff games. The main difference with the previous option is that it can be viewed on up to two devices simultaneously.
  • Team Pass: is the option where you can access the total content of a device of your choice. It costs US$89.99 for an annual subscription or US$13.99 for monthly payments.

Source: Tycsports

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