“The tumors are inoperable. All that remains is the treatment, it allows you to live” – ​​former coach of the Russian women’s basketball team

Former head coach of the Russian women’s basketball team Igor Grudin said in an interview with that he suffers from two inoperable tumors and that the treatment helps him to continue living.

Grudin led the women’s national team from 1994 to 1995 and from 2004 to 2008. Under his leadership, the Russian team won gold, silver and bronze at the European Championships, became second at the Championships of world of 2006 and also won bronze medals at the 2008 Olympics. Grudin ended his coaching career in 2009. Currently, the 78-year-old specialist lives in France.

— What type of cancer do you have?

— One tumor is near the kidney, the other is almost on the liver, next to it. The fact is that there are a lot of metastases and the tumors are inoperable. There is only one treatment left. It allows you to live. I wouldn’t say it’s comfortable, but it’s normal.

– What do the doctors say? Is it possible to cure, to completely get rid of the disease?

– No it’s impossible. We are talking here only about the fact that with high-quality treatment you can live – not a year, not two, but longer. Of course, it happens differently, for some it takes months, for others it only takes a year. I’m already 78 years old, so why worry? There are grandchildren aged 13 and 9, so everything is good.

– There is someone to live for…

– Of course ! And the grandchildren and the family. At the same time, I want to come to Russia so that we can defend our rights and live normally. And so, in the face of sanctions from more than half of the world, when they strangle us, it is of course difficult,” Grudin told .

Source : MatchTV

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