NBA: Jaylen Brown talks about Marcus Smart on the Celtics: “I couldn’t stand it…”

Before the game against the Memphis Grizzlies, shooting guard Jaylen Brown talks about his relationship with his former teammate, who ended up being traded

The exchange of Marcus Smart for the Memphis Grizzlies continues to be the subject of comments by players in the Boston Celtics. The two franchises faced each other for the first time after negotiations this past Sunday, the 19th, and the shooting guard Jaylen Brown talked about his relationship with his ex-partner.

“I couldn’t stand Marcus at the beginning and I love him now. You grow and mature as young men and you learn things about people. But we didn’t start well. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Marcus when I arrived in Boston.”said the player, in a conversation with journalists before the match, admitting that he changed his vision over the years, according to John Karalisfrom “Boston Sports”.

When asked about the reasons for his disagreement with his former teammate in the early years of the Celtics, the player stated that there were an “infinity of reasons”, but soon reaffirmed that his vision was no longer the same. “Over time, I realized that Marcus and I had similar spirits. And if I was going to war with anyone, Marcus would be one of my first calls.”he said.

While playing together, the duo reached the playoffs every season they played, including four appearances in the World Cup finals. Eastern Conference and a runner-up in 2021/22. Now, on opposite sides, the Celtics won 102-100.

Source: sportbuzz

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