BC Rivne won a difficult victory over Krivbass in the FAVBET Super League

BC Rivne won a difficult victory over Krivbass in the FAVBET Super League

The main outsider of the championship was close to the first victory of the season

BC Rivnewho was in second place just yesterday, experienced difficulties in the regular season match with the main outsider FAVBET Super Leagues Krivbassbut still got the victory – 85:78.

The entire first half of the meeting was an equal fight and with varying degrees of success. Krivbass, as in its previous match, even went into the long break with a small lead.

In the third quarter, the favorite managed to equalize the score and take the lead, but the opponent did not allow him to take the lead. In the middle of the fourth quarter, Krivbass dictated the terms and at one point even led by a difference of +8. But the ending remained with the Rivne team, who managed to snatch a difficult victory.

This success did not allow BC Rivne to rise from fourth place – Cherkasy Mavpy is higher in difference, and BC Zaporozhye is higher in winning percentage. Krivbass suffered the 13th defeat out of a possible thirteen, but in the last matches, Alexander Vorona’s team clearly showed progress.

  • FAVBET Super League. Regular season

BC Rivne — Krivbass — 85:78 (18:19, 16:19, 28:22, 23:18)

BC Rivne: Joyner (22 + 11 rebounds + 3 assists – 3 losses), Soloviev (17 + 2 interceptions – 3 losses), Smith (15 + 11 rebounds), Shepelev (10 + 6 rebounds + 2 interceptions), Mochalov (8 + 6 rebounds ), Tymoshchuk (8 + 5 assists – 3 losses), Vodolazsky (3 + 2 interceptions), Chizh (2)

Krivbass: Reed (20 + 2 interceptions – 3 losses), Martynov (14), Melnik (14), Vasilenko (9), Brechko (8 + 4 rebounds), Brechka (4 + 6 assists + 2 interceptions), Tishchenko (4 – 4 losses), Bibikov (3 + 2 interceptions), Kundyk (2)

Source: Sportarena

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