NBA: Kevin Durant opens up about trade with the Phoenix Suns: “I don’t want to…”

NBA: Kevin Durant opens up about trade with the Phoenix Suns: “I don’t want to…”

Star and leader of the Arizona franchise makes it clear that rumors about dissatisfied players on the team are nothing more than lies

After exchanges involving acquisitions of Kevin Durant It is Bradley Beal made by Phoenix Sunsthe expectation was that the team would become one of the main ones, or perhaps the big favorite, for the title of NBA. However, with a season marked by ups and downs, mainly caused by injuries, rumors behind the scenes that some players were dissatisfied began to circulate, especially KD. However, the star made it clear that this was nothing more than a lie.

“I don’t want a trade, first of all. I’m not frustrated because of Bradley’s injuries or the supporting players’ performance. All of this didn’t come from me. I hope everyone understands this at once. You weren’t smiling that day, but do you wish you were after losing a game? I was frustrated by the phase we are living in, but I love these challenges”assured the star this past Tuesday, the 9th.

KD recognizes that the news about his dissatisfaction, even if false, shook him on different levels. Because, from his own experience, the winger already knows that the rumors will not subside. The lack of good results only made them grow. “The last few days have been terrible for me because everything has become speculation. People thought they knew what he was thinking because of his body language. Because I wasn’t smiling and laughing. It’s really annoying because there’s nothing like that. That was the reaction to a match. Everyone wants to win and be in a good phase of the season, after all, before Christmas”he commented.

What bothers Durant most about the media’s behavior is the confusion between information and opinion. “Everyone has the right to say what they want and give their opinions. Then, Brandon can post whatever he wants on his accounts. But the most surreal thing is that they acted as if that was information coming from me. Totally nonsense. I’ve never spoken to this guy before. Having your positions is great, but that’s no surprise at all.”said KD. “I don’t understand why so many people are worried about me. They discuss whether I deserve a better team than this or not, for example. And I just ask: why?”he questioned.

It’s likely that the star can’t do anything about the rumors, after all, people say what they want. But the number 35 guarantees that he is focused on the team. “I love that we are having problems because we can learn early and start improving. One of the things I like most about basketball is evaluating victories and finding the team’s positive points. The more I watch, the more proud I am. At the same time, the harder the path, the more rewarding. That’s my mentality to get us through this moment.”, concluded. This season, the Phoenix Suns have 20 wins and 18 losses, with the most recent match being good proof that the Big 3 between KD, Devin Booker and Beal could function if healthy, in a 127-109 triumph over the Los Angeles Lakers.

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