Basketball player of the Russian national team Kasatkin about the friendly match against Samara: “A very serious opponent with great foreign players”

MBA and Russian national team offensive defender Daniil Kasatkin told that he considers Samara an excellent opponent to train against in the February training camp.

The national team’s training camp started on February 17, and on February 23, the Russian team will play a friendly match against Samara in Moscow.

— How is the training camp going, what is the atmosphere in the team?

— The atmosphere in the team is always great, I’m here for the third or fourth time. It’s always good to move from club to national team, to see new faces, to joke around.

– On the 23rd there is a match against Samara, what do you think of your sparring opponent?

— The opponent is very serious, in some places better equipped than us, because the players are together all season. We are trying to prepare as much as possible for this match in a few days, Samara is playing very well this year, they have great foreign players. It will be a very good match,” Kasatkin told .

Source : MatchTV

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