LeBron James opens up about his NBA career: “Everyone wanted…”

Star of the Los Angeles Lakers and multiple NBA champion, LeBron James takes the opportunity to reflect on his career after scoring 40,000 points in the league

Certainly, the word ‘failure’ is not the right term to define a career. LeBron James inside the NBA. The number 23 arrived in the league with huge expectations, never seen before, but he managed to live up to them all. Four-time champion and MVP, he broke records after records. The most recent was becoming the first player to reach an incredible 40,000 points. Because of this, he took the opportunity to reflect on his basketball career.

“They made an advertisement before my draft in which they mentioned several legends of the game when talking about me. I was ‘next’. I didn’t watch the video at the time, but now I’m very scared. First of all, this kind of expectation placed on an 18-year-old is insane to even think about. I hope that no kid, in any sport, has that pressure on them.”said James, after the defeat to Denver Nuggets.

But like any athlete who generates attention, LeBron faced not only the weight of expectations, but also a legion of people who rooted against his success. “I was put in a position that no teenager should be in. But I always knew that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to stay focused on work every day. It was the way to make a name for myself. Because, apart from my family and friends, everyone wanted to see me fail in the NBA. To sum it up, everyone was rooting against it”, accused the number 23 of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Source: sportbuzz

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