Lakers would not be interested in a trade involving Westbrook; understand

Russell Westbrook’s paths to the end of the Los Angeles Lakers would not have pleased the franchise; Charlotte Hornets players would be part of the trade

the output of Russell Westbrook of Los Angeles Lakers it may take a while to occur. According to information from Substack reporter (who was previously on ESPN), Marc Stein, the Californian franchise would not have favored a possible exchange involving Gordon Hayward32-year-old ward of Charlotte Hornets.

The player’s injury history was also touted as an even more disheartening factor. Among the 154 games played by the North Carolina team in the last regular season, Hayward was out of 61. Still according to Stein, the Lakers could reconsider the offer with the inclusion of Terry Rozieralso a Charlotte player.


“Scary Terry” is averaging 19 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists in his last performances for the team. Michael Jordan and was missed in just eight games in the regular season. In a hypothetical scenario, the Hornets duo would correspond to US$ 51.2 million in salary on the Angelina franchise’s payroll.

Westbrook, however, could receive $47 million in salary already agreed with the Lakers, which would make the exit scenario less attractive for the point guard (who has stated he would like to stay with the franchise). THE Indiana Pacers it was also regarded as one of the paths for Brodie after the disappointment in California; an alleged exchange would involve Buddy Hield and Malcolm Brogdon.

Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier on court (Credit: Getty Images)

Russell arrived in Los Angeles last off-season with the promise of joining a super trio alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which did not end up happening. The team once again suffered from injuries and was not even qualified to play in the play-in play-in. The start of the season finale is scheduled for June 2.

Source: sportbuzz

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