NBA: Celtics beat Nets with last-play comeback

With Jayson Tatum’s decision, the Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets last Sunday, 17, and leads the first series of the playoffs in the NBA; Bucks also got the better of the Bulls

Last Sunday, the 17th, the Boston Celtics triumphed over the Brooklyn Nets in the 1st round of the NBA playoffs. Jayson Tatum took responsibility and turned the score around at the timer burst, making it 115-114 in the TD Garden arena. With the achievement, the Celtic team leads the series 1-0 in the league qualifiers. Teams will face each other again on Wednesday, 20.

In addition to buzzer beater, Tatum, the team’s scorer, contributed to the final score with 31 points, in addition to eight assists and four rebounds. On the New York side, Kyrie Irving he was the highlight, who scored 39 points, the highest number of statistics in the match; the point guard also had six assists and five rebounds.


The confrontation was marked by the high competitiveness and balance between the teams, with 20 changes of leadership in the score throughout the game. Fouls were also present in the duel: 50 were recorded in the entire game (26 by the Nets and 24 by the Celtics). Among the infractions, 18 were in the first quarter alone, making it the league record for a playoff rookie game.

After the score equaled 61-61 in the second period, the Celtics adopted a more offensive stance than their opponents and nailed a 15-point run; at the end of the third quarter, the home team had an 11 advantage. Despite the great performance of the two franchises until the end, the Celtics took advantage of the unconverted shot by Kevin Durant and secured victory in the last details.

Jayson Tatum and Kyrie Irving (L/R) on court (Credit: Getty Images)


Also last Sunday, the 17th, the Milwaukee Bucks it’s the Chicago Bulls were on the court to decide their league playoff debuts. the team of Giannis Antetokounmpo won a hard-fought victory at home, at the Fiserv Forum arena, by a total score of 93-86. The Greek, scorer of the match, led the Wisconsin team with a double-double of 27 points and 16 rebounds.

Although they consolidated a good lead in the first quarter, 13 points away, the Bucks’ roster loosened up and allowed Chicago opponents to convert more shots in the next two periods. By the end of the game, however, Milwaukee defended the series favoritism and opened its first playoff triumph. the pivot Nikola Vucevic was the highest scorer of the defeated franchise, with 24 points.


  • Dallas Mavericks x Utah Jazz: 93-99
  • Memphis Grizzlies x Minnesota Timberwolves: 117 x 130
  • Philadelphia 76ers x Toronto Raptors: 131 x 111
  • Golden State Warriors x Denver Nuggets: 123 x 107
  • Miami Heat x Atlanta Hawks: 115 x 91
  • Phoenix Suns x New Orleans Pelicans: 110 x 99

Source: sportbuzz

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