Brittney Griner may be involved in prisoner exchange; understand!

Brittney Griner may be involved in prisoner exchange;  understand!

US basketball player Brittney Griner was arrested by Russia earlier this year after loading vape cartridges with drugs.

Arrested for drug possession, the athlete Brittney Griner lives a dramatic moment for a political question between United States and Russia. After passing the sixth trial on Russian soil, the basketball player could be involved in a prisoner exchange to return to the US country in the coming weeks.

According to the Secretary of State’s statement, Antony Blinkenthe US offered an exchange “substantial” of prisoners with Russia. With that, the North American country’s idea is to take Brittney Griner off European soil, since the government of Vladimir Putin has complicated the life of the basketball player for political reasons.

According to information released by “CNN”, Brittney Griner can be exchanged for Viktor Bout, a known Russian arms dealer who is imprisoned in one of the US jails. Thus, countries would make the change between prisoners and each one would go to their place of origin after the huge controversy over the case.

Defendant confesses to the charge of drug possession, Brittney Griner has been imprisoned on Russian soil since February this year. After being caught with vape cartridges that contained marijuana, the basketball player from the United States was taken to jail and remains there to this day.

Brittney Griner shined in US basketball (Credit: GettyImages)

Since the athlete’s arrest, the United States government has gone to great lengths to bring Brittney Griner back to the country. However, Russia did not allow such a change to be made for political reasons, as the countries do not speak the same language when it comes to government actions.

Source: sportbuzz

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