211 years of the Argentine Anthem: the 3 most emotional moments in sport

The stanzas of the national anthem are the perfect music for many pivotal moments in Argentina’s sporting history.

Made by Vicente López and Airplanes and made official on May 11, 1813, the Argentine Anthem is a symbol that identifies all the citizens living in this territory. Regarding sports, the song that plays in all competitions where the Argentine National Team of any sport is located, changes both the protagonists and the spectators.

With Diego Maradona and his teammates in the World Cup in Italy 90, with the Pumas in the World Cups and with the National Team of Rubén Magnano on the Olympic podium in Athens 2004. The song is accompanied by Argentines all over the world and transfers all the passion and enthusiasm of our land wherever its verses are sung..

When one thinks of Argentina and sports, the moment of the anthem immediately comes to mind. Perhaps one of the episodes that everyone remembers the most when talking about the subject is that of Diego Maradona during the 1990 World Cup. made in Italy.

The team led by Bilardo reached the semifinals of the tournament to face the local team. At the time, Maradona was playing for Napoli, he was an idol and had already won two Serie A titles and an Italian Cup. since he arrived at the club in 1984. In fact, that memorable episode took place at the San Paolo Stadium belonging to the Naples team, now renamed after the death of 10 with the name Stadio Diego Armando Maradona.

In a bad climate, worthy of a semi-final of the World Cup as a guest in the land of catenaccio, the moment of singing the Argentine anthem left an indelible memory for the history of Argentina. As the song played, the camera began to do its typical tour where it focused on all the players’ faces. In the background, in addition to the music, you can hear the whistles of the Italians present in San Paolo. The camera caught up with Diego and he took that moment to vent all his anger, insulting the people who applauded and cheered him on all weekend.. On May 11, 2020, she posted on her Instagram “Today is Argentine National Anthem Day, my song. And, no matter what they say, I will defend him again in the same way

In the Olympic Games, hearing a country’s anthem means that an athlete born in that place has won a gold medal.. Since the first edition in Athens 1896, Argentina has collected 77 medals: 21 gold, 26 silver and 30 silver. Polo, a sport that had been removed from the Olympic calendar, won its first gold Paris 1924. From its first involvement in 1924 to Helsinki in 1952Argentina won 36 medals, but after Finland until Olympic Games of nineteen ninety six in atlanta He only harvested 14 more. The last gold was in the Nordic lands and they achieved it Quiet Capozzo and Eduardo Guerrero rowing

52 years later, in Athens 2004, the Argentine basketball team led by Rubén Magnano once again played the anthem on an Olympic podium. With Emmanuel Ginobili and Luis Scola as figures, the National Team’s path to the gold medal has added value: to become the first team in history to win an Olympic Game against a US team made up of NBA players. From Barcelona 1992 and the famous form of the Dream Team, the United States retained all the gold awarded by the sport at the men’s level.

Argentina, Fabricio Oberto is out with a hand injury, defeated Italy in the final 84 to 69 and sang the Argentine anthem again in an Olympic Game 52 years after the last time.

The Pumas They are recognized, in addition to their sporting achievements, for their determination, their attitude and their display of love for the shirt every time they sing the anthem. In 2007within France World CupThe National Team achieved a historic third place.

With a Felipe Contepomi outstanding and a Juan Martin Hernandez In a memorable match against Ireland, the Pumas signed off on a World Cup that shattered all expectations. In their first match they faced the local team at the Stade de France with eyes full of French players. But the Argentine hit the punch and took the match 17-12. In the quarterfinals, Marcelo Loffreda’s team beat Scotland and then lost against South Africa, which featured a great performance by Bryan Habana.

In the match for third place, the French will suffer again in the presence of the Argentine, who won the match again, although with a greater result: 34 to 10. Felipe Contepomi was excellent and scored 19 goals. That night, before the victory, the Pumas gave a demonstration of how they feel wearing the light blue and white shirts..

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